About Us

PT Peniti Valasindo and PT Peniti Money Remittance (PENITI) are Non Bank Financial Institutions engaged in foreign currency exchange and licensed fund transfer providers from Bank Indonesia. PENITI has been established and operating since 1997.

PENITI uphold the trust given by the customers with a commitment to provide the best service for PENITI customers. PENITI serves the exchange of various currencies at competitive rates and organizes fund transfers and receipts from and to Indonesia to and from various parts of the world.

Real or physical money on all transactions made digitally through this application may be taken at and / or provided to PENITI offices as follows:

Jakarta Barat
Gedung Graha Kencana Lt Dasar
Jl Raya Perjuangan Kav 88
Jakarta 11530
Telp 535 90 56/57

Jakarta Utara
Ruko Artha Gading Niaga Blok B11
Jl Boulevard Artha Gading
Jakarta 14240
Telp 451 5 451

Gedung OnePM Lt. Mezanine
Jl Boulevard Gading Serpong M5/17
Tangerang 15810
Telp 2917 1600

We established since 1997 as a foreign trading company (PT Peniti Valasindo) which then expand to travel service company (PT Peniti Travel Services) and money transfer company (PT Peniti Money Remittance).

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